Garage door being repaired

Garage Door Care

Checking your rollers. Oil the torsion spring and hinges. These are basic periodic maintenance tips. It’s a good idea to test the operator. Make sure its sensors will stop the door should something get in their path. Likewise, placing a 2×2 square block of wood where you door closes will confirm that the operator’s safety reverse is properly set.

More About Garage Doors

Many garage doors open upward using an electric chain drive, which can often be remotely controlled from the resident’s vehicle with a small radio transmitter.[3] Garages are connected to the nearest road with a driveway. Interior space for one or two cars is typical, and garages built since the 1950s typically have a door directly connecting the garage to the interior of the house (an “attached garage”). Earlier garages were often detached and located in the back yard of the house, accessed either via a long driveway or from an alley.

In the past, garages were often separate buildings from the house (“detached garage”). On occasion, a garage would be built with an apartment above it, which could be rented out. As automobiles became more popular, the idea of attaching the garage directly to the home grew into a common practice. While a person with a separate garage must walk outdoors in every type of weather, a person with an attached garage has a much shorter walk inside a building.

Garages are often found where the attic entrance is located. Also used to store tools, bicycles and lawn equipment most garages have unfinished concrete floors. Some garages include a separate storage room to partially alleviate this problem.[4]

Around the start of the 21st century, companies began offering “portable garages” in the United States. Mostly, these garages are made of metal and do not attach to the house or other structure, much like the garages built prior to the 1960s. Many homeowner’s associations frown upon the installation of these nonconforming buildings, but still, their popularity is growing.

Garage flooring companies can install flooring products that are not generally available to the homeowner, providing a coating system that will last may years. These include epoxies, stained concrete and modular garage tiles (PVC vinyl, polypropylene or other polymers) to name a few.[5]